Botany Department

Department of Botany is the oldest department of the science stream of Handique Girls’ College, established in the year 1944-45.
Courses : Department of Botany offers both major and general courses in undergraduate level and also Post Graduate Course in Botany.The Lab is of the department is recognised by Guwahati University for Ph.D level research.


  • Faculty Name
  • Mr. Madhab Chandra Talukdar
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Bandana Nabis Das
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Manashi Kalita Hazarika(Head)
  • Dr. Jayanta Kr. Manta
  • Dr. Pranab Bujarbarua
  • Mrs. Prabhali Doley

The department of Botany has a modern laboratory facility to carry out all the major practical classes and other advanced researches in areas like Microbiology, Cytogenetics, Plant pathology, Mycology, Plant taxonomy and Ecology. The modernization process of the departmental laboratory is still going on with the assistance from UGC (under CPE scheme) and DST.

Department Library

The department of Botany is enriched by a collection of over 500 books in its departmental library which includes text books, reference books as well as journals. Yearly new books are added into the library. Botany major students and students of higher secondary classes are availing the library facility of the department regularly.

Green House

The department has a green house established on 31st July, 2002 to cater the class room requirements. The green house has a rich collection of flowering, gymnospermic as well as pteridophytic plants. A total of 62 Species belonging to 54 Genera under 34 Families are housed in 288 sq. ft. area. Some of the plant species kept in the green house is of rare, threatened and endangered nature thereby helping ex-situ conservation of the species. The plant species available in the green house are as follows.